Learn to Write Java Mapping

This blog is a collection of all the blogs related to Java Mapping.

You can use these mappings in SAP Process Orchestration Tool.

Java Mapping Blogs

Download the Libraries:

  • SAP PI – Download Java Mapping Libraries
  • [download id=”84″]

Download the Sample Code:

  • How to Write Simple Java Mapping Program

Working Code Scenarios:

  • How to Read and Write Content with Java Mapping Program.

Training Program:

  • Take the Java Mapping Training from Here.
    • Program 1 – Download Complete Java Mapping Source Code.
    • Program 2 – Write a Simple Java Mapping to read and write file.
    • Program 3 – How to Read File Line by Line with Java Mapping.
    • Program 4 – Learn to Handle Trace from Java Mapping Program.
    • Program 5 – How to Read Dynamic Configuration in Java Mapping.
    • Program 6 – How to Read Every Field from XML File.
    • Program 7 – How to Read CSV OR TAB Delimiter File
    • Program 8 – Read Chinese or Japanese Character Files
    • Program 9 – Learn to Write Java Mapping in Message Mapping Itself
    • Program 10 – How to Write Parameterized Java Mapping
    • Program 11 – How to Read Properties file in Java Mapping.
    • many more topics in the course.




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