1.5 – Client Side and Server Side

How HTTP Works?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol that is used to exchange the Hyper Text between the two systems over the web.

Requester has to initiate the request to the provider to perform some action at the server. The action could be to send the data, update the data or search for something.

Provider receives the request and send response to the Requester.

This is the way HTTP protocol works and helps to exchange the information between two systems.

Learn more about how HTTP works from here.

What is Client Side?

Requester generally is the browser that initiate the request to the provider.

So, all the actions that happens at browser or requester side is called as Client Side.

All the actions that takes place at your computer before the request is been made to the provider is generally referred to as Client Side.

For Example, If your browser executes a code on your computer then we say the code is executed at client side.

What is Server Side?

Anything that happens at the server is called as Server Side.

Once the request is sent to server or provider then all the operations or steps that server executes as referred to as Server side.

Server side code executes when the Client makes a request to the server and ask to run that code. The output of the code is sent back to client by the server.

This way Client and Server Interacts with each other.

What is Client Server Technology?

Client Server Technology is a model or design or concept that is very commonly used to design the application architecture.

The main principle is that Server holds some piece of code or resources with high end hardware capacity. Client could be anyone like Mobile, Desktop or iWatch.

Client request Server for any operations or resources and Server will execute that command and returns the output to the client.

This way there could be few powerful servers serving many clients. Also the client does not have to worry how to implement that code and it just need to request the server and server will respond back with the output.

Imagine that server does the powerful job and client needs to request server to perform that operation and send the result.

Many Servers, Architecture and Framework are based on the very common theory – Client Server Technology.

Technical Definition

  • HTTP is a protocol that is used to exchange the Hyper Text between the two systems over the web.
  • Any code that runs on the Browser is called as Client Side.
  • Operations that happens at the Client devise is also called as Client Side.
  • If the same thing happens at server then it is called as Server Side.
  • Client-Server Technology is a model where Server holds the resource and Clients request for that resource from the server. The resource at the server could executing a code, access to a database, simply a video file.

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