1.2 – Overview of Internet and Web

What is Internet?

Internet is a network where group of computers connected together with a single wire.

Systems connected in that network are able to communicate with each other and exchange data.

Internet is so powerful because of one things and that is we can communicate to any system in that network.

We can issue command to any computer in the world when connected to this network – Internet.

Today, we can use Skype, Watsapp, Send emails, Buy Online and can do many things because all these computers are connected together in a single network and we can use it to do what ever we want.

This network is often called as Global Network. 

Internet is just a way computers are connected to exchange information in one network.

How Internet was discovered?

Federal Government of United States started a project called ARPANET in 1960. The primary purpose of this project is to build a network of computer using which federal data can be exchanged.

It was secured network and used only in the nation for federal purpose.

Later in 1990s many organization came together to form a network that can be used by everyone which was Internet.

How data is exchanged in the Internet?

The data in Internet is exchanged with TCP/IP protocol. This is the protocol that every computer uses to exchange data.

This is like a language that every computer in that network speaks to communicate.

This is a requirement that every computer connected to the global network (internet) must speak TCP/IP protocol language to communicate.

Many other protocols are build based on this underlying TCP/IP protocol.

Learn more about What is Protocol from here.

What is Web?

Web is not Internet.

If Internet is a way to connect computers together then Web is the way to access those information over the Internet medium.

Web is a method about how to access those information over the internet.

Web is the way information is shared across the internet.

Information is generally represented with text, images, video, audio and other media types.

World Wide Web (WWW) or Web are actually same thing that helps to access these information.

Web achieves two things:

  • Access the resource from any computer in the internet
  • Link those resources.

History of Web

English scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. He built a browser using which the resource where accessed over the internet and displayed on the browser.

In 1991, it was released to General Public.

From then, all the big companies released there own browsers like Google has Chrome and Windows released Edge.

How data is exchanged in Web?

Web uses a protocol called as HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) to access the information from any computer in the internet.

Hyper Text means a special text which has:

  • Link to other resources in the Internet.
  • It can include Video, Images and Sounds.

HTTP is the protocol using which Hyper Text is downloaded from the server and displayed on the browser.

You will learn more about HTTP from here.

Difference Between Internet and Web?

Internet is the way how two computers can communicate with each other.

Web or World Wide Web (WWW) is the method thru which the Hyper text is accessed from the server and displayed on the browser.

Remember, Web and Internet are not same.

Does any one Controls the Internet?

No one controls the internet. It is a network where computers are connected with TCP/IP protocol.

You can bring your own computer and connect to the internet. Once your computer is connected to the internet then our computer can talk to all other computers in that Global Network (Internet).

All the communication in the Internet happens with a defined Protocol (TCP/IP)

How to use these words?

  • Internet is a network where all the computers are connected together.
  • Web or WWW is the way information is accessed from the server and displayed on the browser.

Technical Definition

Internet is a global network where systems are connected together and can communicate with each other.

Web or WWW is the way where hyper text are identified and linked together. Using web, we access the information and display it on our browser.

Internet uses TCP/IP protocol to communicate.

Web uses HTTP protocol to access specific resources over the Internet.

Web and Internet are not same.

Simply, Internet helps to connect systems together and web helps to extract the information in a specific way.

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