1.7 – Programming vs Markup vs Scripting Languages

What is Programming Language?

Languages that needs to be compiled with a compiler are referred as Programming Language.

Programming Languages are very powerful and well defined language that can give powerful instructions to the computer.

With the programming language, we get the full control of the system and give instructions to do things that we want to.

Languages like Java, C and C++ are most powerful programming languages.

What is Markup Language?

Markup language is written using the Markups.

Example of Markup:


It is easy to learn and easy to represent the data using the markup language.

The major disadvantage of markup language is that it cannot control the system nor it is very powerful in handling a complex logic.

The main purpose of markup language is to represent the data structure. How the data should look like is defined by the Markup Language.

Languages like HTML, XML are called as Markup Language.

What is Scripting Language?

Languages that uses Interpreter are referred as Scripting Language.

Scripting language actually does call another program or instructions to do the job done.

That’s why you find that Scripting languages are fun, easy and very simple to work with. The reason is that heavy coding is done in another program and the language is made simple to call those functions.

Languages like JavaScript, Python and PHP are Scripting Language.

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